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Current Donors

A King Builder is an alumnus, parent, or friend that has contributed to the CLK Foundation for three or more consecutive years.

Mr. and Mrs. David Aalto
Ms. Nancy Abramson
Mrs. Lori Ackerman
  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Agin
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Arntsen
  Mr. and Mrs. Vern Axford
Mr. James Balagna
Ms. Kathleen Barrick
Dr. Michael  Barker
Mrs. Barbara Bays
  Mr. and Mrs. Ron Bennetts
Ms. Regina Bidstrup
  Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Bolton
  Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Bracco
Ms. Shirley Burrows
  Mrs. Betty Buss
Mrs. Audrey Carlson
Mrs. Ada Carozza
Ms. Patricia Coppo
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crane
  Mr. and Mrs. Ron Crouch
Ret. Lt. Col. Stephen Danis
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Davison
Mr. and Mrs. Steven DeLong
  Mrs. Julie Dlubala
Mrs. Terri Drielick
Mr. Donald Eckloff
Mr. George Ecola
  Ms. Joanne Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Erkkila
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Fisher
  Ms. Jewell Flajole
  Mr. and Mrs. Eric Forsberg
  Mr. James Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gilbert
Dr. and Mrs. David Gilbert
  Mrs. Barbara Granroth
  Mr. and Mrs. Lee Haltunen
  Ms. Paula Hartmann
Mr. Robert Harrison 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hattrem
Mrs. Doris Hodges
Mrs. June Hoogenboom
  Mr. John Hosking
  Mrs. Ellen Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ilenich
Ms. Mary Ivey
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Jacques
Mrs. Virginia Jamison
Dr. Robert Jewett
Mrs. Angeline Junttila
Mr. & Mrs. Laurence Kaifesh
Mr. Richard Kedzior
Ms. Barbara Keen
Mrs. Kristen Keenan
Mrs. Barbara Kinnunen
Ms. Carole Kitti
  Mrs. Cheryl Krug
Ms. Natalie Kump
  Mrs. Janice Lampinen
Mr. & Mrs. Rolfe Leary
Mrs. Fern Lemerand
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Locatelli
Mrs. Diana Lucaire
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Luoma
  Deacon Donald Lydick
Mr. John MacDonald
  Mr. Kenneth Manninen
Mr. James Mattson
  Mrs. Nancy McCabe
  Mr. Robert Messner
  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mickleborough
Mrs. Shirley Mietla
  Mr. John Mihelich
Mr. and Mrs. Terence Murphy, OBE
Mr. Ron Nichols
Mr. Harold Nikka
Mr. William Norden
Mrs. Judi Nuottila
Mr. and Mrs. W Keith Ojala
  Mrs. Mary O'Neill
Dr. Sally Orr
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Patrick
Mr. & Mrs. Darryl Pierce
  Ms. Annette Preston
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ramos
Mr. Wallace Renn
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Roche
Ms. Angela Rovano
Ms. Ruth Sablich
Mr. Carmen Sandretto
  Mr. and Mrs. Doug Schubert
Mr. James Scott
  Mrs. Janice Shiley
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Sickler
Mr. David Smith
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smolen
  Ms. Lisa Spence
  Ms. Verna Spurr
Mr. James Stimac
Mr. John A. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Tiberg
  Mr. Carl Trezise
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Vairo
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wescoat
Mr. David Wetelainen
  Mrs. Jean Winquist
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Winquist
Ms. Valerie Zimdars
  Additional Donors
  The Boeing Co.
  Guido & Elizabeth Binda Foundation

  James A. Ruppe Foundation
  Northwestern Mutual
  Pfizer Foundation